Puppy Poo & the Healing Power of Animals

If you know me at all, you know I’m obsessed with my pets. In the recent year, we’ve acquired two dogs, three cats, a horse and two goats. It’s always been a dream to have my own “funny farm” one day, and it’s already came to fruition. (Mini donkey next??? shhhhh)

Let me set the scene for you this morning. Emmie and Willie were both playing outside (our two dogs) while I was making coffee and vacuuming. Jakob was resting in the recliner as he is always a bit sore in the morning since his accident.

All of the sudden, Willie, our 11 week old St. Bernard/Bloodhound mix barrels through the dog door YOWLING–I mean straight up hound dog in panic YOWL. He runs past me into the bedroom and goes directly under the bed. At this point I’ve turned the vacuum off and Jakob’s already out of the chair. Something was WRONG with this pup.

I’m mid-crawl under the bed and there is a STANK so bad I don’t want to put into words what it was. The dreaded puppy poo. If you’ve had dogs before, you might of seen this before…but long story short, Willie chews on Emmie’s fur and let’s just say that if he eats her tufts of tail hair…it’s gotta come out some way right? Well that “way” caused major problems and he needed a little extra help on the exporting side. I know TMI, I might have induced your gag response…but this is life, people.

We finally get Willie out from under the bed and got him cleaned up with his whole “backdoor clog problem” and we both start dry heaving. Like–hard core dry heaving. Now my poor fiance is in a neck brace dry heaving while not being able to move his neck. I’ve got a paper towel in my hand that needs to get in the garbage ASAP. We look up with our tear-filled eyes and see Emmie and our “adopted house kitten” both sitting and staring at us, wagging their tails. (yes the kitten wags his tail like a dog, but that’s for another story…) Willie joins them and lays down in front of our entourage, and let’s out a big yawn, as if nothing happened.

File Jul 31, 2 15 57 PM

At that moment, we both can’t help but laugh. It was one of those good laughs that you need every once in awhile. Those ones where your stomach hurts and you kinda have to pee a little. You KNOW what I’m talking about.

File Jul 31, 2 14 51 PM.jpeg

It’s those crazy moments that are truly therapeutic to your soul. Sure, we could have been repulsed and disgusted (which ok, we kinda were) but at the end of the ordeal, it was hilarious and heart warming.

And please don’t worry, Willie was ok, and there was no intestinal damage. Just a case of the hair-poo.

I’ve always believed that animals are the most under-utilized form of therapy. Their unconditional love and acceptance, funny and diverse personalities and ability to make you smile as soon as you see their face in the window–these creatures can change lives. They can heal you, physically and emotionally. And that’s why we have so many…we have many chances to heal, to be happy, to love. And learn to love each other the same way our animals love us. I think that might be the key to any marriage!

File Jul 31, 2 13 47 PM.jpeg




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