How to Make Your Week Suck Less

We can all admit it.

Getting through the work grind is a struggle each and every week. I’ll be honest, when my alarm goes off at 4:30 every morning, I feel as though there is a demon inside of me that can only be expelled with coffee. And even that can be a hard one to remedy some mornings, especially when your assorted farm animals are already clawing at your bedroom door wanting their kibbles-n-bits.Or deli ham (again, another cat story for later)

If you’re like me and you’re programmed to be a work-a-holic, it’s often hard to keep a positive attitude for 5 whole days. But after working 50+ hours for the past 4 years in a tough industry, I feel like I’ve perfected How To Make Your Week Suck Less. 

Plan your week.

Planning your week is vital for survival. Personally I’m a big fan of planners, and I carry mine in my purse at all times. When Sunday comes around, I write down all of my pending appointments, lunch dates, bill-pay due dates and jot down any items I need to grab at the grocery store. I keep stamps handy in my planner as well, just in case I need to mail something on the fly. My personal planner below is a Kate Spade that I bought on Amazon–it looks cute and makes me feel like I have my life together!

If you are more of a tech-savvy person, plug it all into your phone calendar. This works great and you can set up alerts that will keep you on time for everything.

File Aug 02, 7 50 21 PM

On Monday–treat yo’self.

Seriously though. Monday’s just plain suck. I always try to plan a little something to give myself a little ‘pep’ in my step. Maybe that’s stopping to get an over-priced coffee at Starbucks before work or putting on lip liner and bright red lipstick to give myself a little look of sass before I take on the day. It’s the small things in life…and they can improve your overall attitude if you just take the time to indulge yourself.

File Aug 02, 8 03 42 PM

Get yo body movin’.

Any form of exercise during the day will help you clear your head and make you feel more accomplished. Personally I’ve made it a goal to make it to the gym on my lunch breaks every other day and lift weights and jog on the treadmill. Just enough to burn some calories but still look (and smell) presentable to work the rest of the day. I also do squats in the bathroom as I’m waiting for the shower to warm up (you laugh…but hey it’s maximizing time!) Shoot even parking a little farther away at the store will give you a chance to stretch your legs. Or better yet, take your dogs for a walk when  you get home with your spouse.

File Aug 02, 8 14 28 PM.jpeg

Have yourself a cold one and play your jams.

Reward yourself. My choice? Have a nice glass of wine with dinner or sit on the porch with a cold beer. Just please don’t get so smashed that you are hunger AF tomorrow…moderation is key here 😉

I’m a HUGE lover of music, so I like to blast my tunes when I get home to unwind. Listen to your favorite music on your way to and from work and between errands…it will put you in a good mood without you realizing it. Last week, Britney Spear’s Toxic came on, and you know what? I grocery shopped LIKE A BOSS.

Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life!

I’ve had to tell myself this a lot. Your job does not define who you are. It is a job, a way to make money and put food on your table–it is not the end all, be all of the world. Not to discount the importance of your work, because trust me, it’s important to support yourself financially.


At the end of the day, think about your goals, your family, what you love in life…keep yourself in perspective! Be happy 🙂









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