Chasing Dreams: An Update

I haven’t written a personal blog post in awhile…I figured I’m due for a Northern Cowgirl Chronicles update. The last update was after I got married–and it’s hard to believe that was almost two years ago.

Everything’s the same, but so much has changed…does anyone else feel like that sometimes?

This past year has been incredible in terms of being on the right path– a path that is fulfilling both personally and professionally. A path that has made me envision a future that is exciting and unexpected. A path that has helped shape me as a wife, friend, cowgirl, academic, agriculturalist and woman.

Almost two years into marriage and I’m still as head-over-boots for my hubby as when we were first dating. There is something to be said about being best friends with your spouse, because I can’t express how much that comes into play during harder times. The hard times, they happen, but never outweigh the good. Marriage is cool because you have a permanent beer drinking partner and life coach all in one. The Hubs was a major supporter in taking the plunge into the unknown, a thing called graduate school (more on that later).

jakoband me

Life on the Funny Farm hasn’t changed all that much, though the possibility of adding more “critters” may be in the future 😉 As far as agriculture stands, I think it’s safe to say that my passion for the industry has rubbed off on my hubby in many ways. Discussions around food label marketing, for example, now dominate our dinner conversations. That is also in part due to me being back in school and constantly bringing my nerdiness to the table (literally).

My husband has taken on a new hobby in tractor restoration and rebuilding, which has been fun to watch (because the Lord knows I’m not very mechanically inclined). It’ been fun to learn and grow as a couple, and I’m excited to see where the next chapter takes us.


Graduate school has been amazing–the fulfillment and enjoyment I’ve gotten from my first year has propelled me into the real possibility of pursuing a PhD. I was given the opportunity to both teach college students and be a researcher in the agricultural communications realm over the past year. I felt an immediate fit within teaching and research, one that was second-nature and mentally stimulating. I surprised myself with the desire to continue on a path to a professor. It certainly won’t be easy, but totally worth it.

It’s funny where life takes you– it drags you through the mud and out again, then rinses you off and sets you in a place to shine. 

My shiny spot is back at Colorado State. At least for now 😉

There’s a quote that I always see that says, “I remember praying for the things I have now.” And it always strikes a chord with me. I remember being stressed to the max and completely uninspired in my professional life, craving for freedom; craving for a time when I didn’t feel like a hamster spinning on the same wheel. I remember being single and praying for the right guy to walk into my life. I remember praying for a house full of animals and being able to be a wife. It all comes in due time.


I look back to see how far I’ve come, and I never for a second take it for granted.

The lesson here? You’re never stuck. And only you have the power to get yourself on the right path. The shiny path. 






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