To the Girl That is Struggling

I see you. I was you. I am you.

I was inspired to write this because I’ve been sensing a common theme among my badass, female counterparts; girlfriends, family and women who’ve connected with me on other platforms.

Girls who patiently wait for the right guy to show up in their lives, while they endlessly suffer through relationships with toxic men cleverly disguised as “good guys.” You know, the ones that lead you on, only to keep you in their back pockets.

Girls who live away from their family and friends in a new city, building their careers and setting their alarms for the next day of work, wondering where life will take them. Wondering if they made the right choice.

Girls who are stuck between being a ‘kid’ and an adult, yearning for a stable life but also for a lifestyle that includes boozy brunches with equally lost friends who make questionable life choices.

Girls who feel like they want to have kids but fail to match their own socks on a daily basis.

Girls who have kids and love them but feel completely overwhelmed and possibly more lost than they did before they had kids.

Girls who are on cruise-control; not really living or enjoying their lives but hey, they pay their bills and the job is good money, so they’ve made it, right?

Girls who constantly compare themselves to other girls who also compare themselves to them in a vicious, never-ending circle of self-doubt.

Girls who are planning a wedding and just want it to be over with already because it is absolutely f-ing exhausting.

Girls who are outgrowing friends and sometimes family, who no longer deserve a seat at their table in life.

Girls who are frustrated beyond measure because their face is broke out, hair is a mess and the freaking car is out of gas AGAIN on top of being late to work.

So, believe me when I say, I see you. I was you. I will be you. I am you.

But, living through some of these and coming out on top, I can tell you that it’s not forever. Struggles will always be a part of life, regardless of what stage you’re in.

We’ve all had those days/months/years where we didn’t think we’d survive; didn’t think we’d make it to the other side, yet here we are getting up to face another day. Making our coffee and applying our lipstick and feeding the dog. Getting in a quick vacuum before the hubby comes home. Chilling that bottle of wine in the fridge for an after work treat, because you know you have to deal with Karen from accounting all day, and YOU JUST CAN’T EVEN.

So, to the girls that are struggling: the end of the story is that you’re going to be fine.

Why? Because we are badass like that.





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